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This Year’s PSA ConferenceJourney!

Polina Edmunds

The 2019 Professional Skater Association Conference was in Palm Springs this year. Coaches from across the nations gathered for professional development, networking and seeing many friends. This year, I was honored with the opportunity to facilitate a presentation for coaches and their skaters at all levels from Learn to Skate through Senior. This interactive session provided teaching tips and specific ideas to help coaches who create choreography for their athletes.

Spring is always my favorite time of the year as many skaters and coaches have their programs for the new season created. Having the opportunity to craft programs for Polina Edmonds and Kazuki Tomono has made this spring especially inspiring.

The following are a few of my favorite quotes from blogs I have written over the last several years. Perhaps these comments may inspire you on your skating journey.

Inspiration at Altitude March - 9, 2019

“Figure skating is a wonderful gift of fulfillment and can be used in so many facets of our lives.”

Tatsuki Machida Tribute from World Figure Skating Magazine November 8, 2018

“I always felt Tatuski’s biggest asset was the combination of his mindset of a ballet dancer and his intensity as a great athlete.”

When the Students Become the Teacher - March 1, 2018

“The ultimate compliment any teacher can experience is when their former students become teachers themselves and ask you to work with their athletes as you did with them for many years when they were competitors.”

The Benefits of Sustained Work with your Choreographer - January 9, 2018

“The benefits of working with a choreographer over time brings a program to a higher level of maturity and sophistication.”

A Privilege - February 6, 2017

“As coaches and choreographers we must cherish and protect all of the amazing young people placed in our care and try to guide them to achieve their goals.”

Conduit to Healing December 13, 2016

“This process of focusing our energies on a creative task at hand is one we all can use in times of stress in our lives to help us along the arduous road to peace and understanding.”

Excellence in Choreography June 2, 2016

“As ballet dancers, we spend hours scrutinizing our bodies in the mirror to try to reach the unattainable…..perfection!”

Kazuki Tomono

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