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Renowned figure skating professionals, Phillip Mills and Kim Ryan Lewis, have created a winning experience for your skaters designed to inform, educate and inspire. This motivational seminar accelerates skaters on their quest for excellence and success.

Your athletes will gain knowledge that will motivate them to raise their goals and teach techniques to achieve them.


For the past two years, Kim and Phillip have been traveling to figure skating clubs across the nation sharing the Dream Team Seminar and receiving great accolades.


“Phillip, my sensei, taught me not just how to craft better skills on the ice but also how to be a better person in life and as a professional. Everyone around Phillip, whether it be a skater, a coach, an official or a parent respects him. He works so hard every day to help his skaters be the best they can be. Watching him work on the ice is simply inspiring. Phillip only knows how to give from the heart. He is the rare individual.” 


— Misha Ge, Coach

“Kim Ryan is an enthusiastic and innovative spin coach. She specializes in simple techniques that your students will be able to easily apply while enjoying how to spin stronger than ever. Her flare and fun nature is infectious! I would recommend Kim for seminars and private lessons to help achieve your spinning goals.”


— Caryn Kadavy, Coach


Create Choreographic & SPIN Success


Phillip Mills training skating students

Are you ready to bring the Dream Team to your rink?

Reach out to Phillip at or Kim at with any questions you may have or to schedule your Dream Team Seminar.

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