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The Young Artist Showcase is Back!

The Young Artists Showcase (YAS) is an online figure skating choreography competition originally founded in 2010 by Olympic Coach Audrey Weisiger with sponsorship and support from Doug Mattis and Sheila Thelen. YAS was created to give young choreographers a platform to create new work, offer them exposure to elite coaches and choreographers in the figure skating world, and connect them with other like-minded artists.

I am excited to share that I will once again be one of the judges for the competition on April 7, 2023. This exciting and creative program provides a great opportunity for young and budding choreographers to showcase their work and continue to refine their choreographic skills.

For anyone wanting to find out more about this incredible program simply click on this link:

The session is over and the Zamboni is coming out.

Auf Wiedersehen

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