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Something's Coming, Something Good

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

The upcoming remake of the iconic West Side Story on Broadway this fall, with Jerome Robbins original choreography, makes me realize the importance of the staying power of experience.

Jerome Robbins was the Choreographer in Residence at the New York City Ballet for decades. His work has been danced by ballet companies the world over. He had an innovative ability to take classical repertory and use it to enhance not only the ballet and modern world, but also to apply it on stage and in film. You can learn more about this iconic choreographer here:

This walk down memory lane renewed my awareness of the many different coaches who suggested I create special choreographic workshops. They suggested that these sessions focus on educating and empowering young aspiring choreographers, as well as current choreographers, who want a fresh look at their craft.

Finally listening to their advice, I am excited to be launching my first choreographic workshop series this coming fall, The Mills Method of Choreography. Keep an eye out on Instagram and Facebook for registration information.

These sessions will be interactive explorations of choreography and its implementation for developing innovative and inspiring programs for figure skaters. For over 30-years, I have experienced the most exciting interactions with incredible coaches and skaters. Having choreographed for numerous national champions, World medalists and Olympians, I have learned and experienced so much. I am excited about sharing some of my choreographic strategies, secrets, and nuances, which I have cultivated over the years. To learn more about my process and to watch some of my skaters’ programs, click here:

We are living in an exciting era in figure skating. Creativity and innovation of movement across the spectrum have inspired many in the figure skating community. Hopefully, the knowledge I plan to share during these seminars will motivate you and bring your choreographic skills to the next level to meet the new challenges we all face these days.

I promise it will be a great time offering many specific tools to put in your toolbox to help elevate your business. Once the fall date is secured, information will be posted on social media. I look forward to seeing you there!

The session is over and the Zamboni is coming out.

Auf Wiedersehen

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