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Judging the Young Artist Showcase 2020

Now in its tenth year, Audrey Weisiger's Young Artist Showcase (YAS) continues to develop and inspire young skaters/choreographers to foster their creativity and experience success on the ice through a series of challenges. I just finished judging this multi-week event and was amazed at the creativity and excitement all of the skaters brought to their programs.

This short video (link below) was created to inspire not only the YAS competitors but all skaters to remind them to enjoy the beautiful and expressive journey we call figure skating. I 'd like to share a quote from an article I penned for International Figure Skating several years ago which states, "Choreography is an expression of an inner thought, feeling, emotion or replication of a specific genre of music."

The session is over and the Zamboni is coming out. Auf Wiedersehen

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