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Conduit to Healing

There are many times in our lives when we go through challenging times and are having a hard time finding our way to peace and understanding of the situation at hand. This happens to be one such time in my own life and I thought I would share this concept with all of you.

In the last month my amazing brother-in-law, Jim Carney, had a sudden onset and ferocious battle with cancer.  Jim was an amazing husband to Roselee and father to his sons Jamie and Jonas.  My nephews were coached and guided to become National Cycling Champions numerous times, and World and Olympic competitors under the watchful of eye of their dad.  Unfortunately from start to finish, Jim succumbed to the cancer just four weeks after diagnosis.  Both my wife, Michelle, and I were so distraught and concerned that daily life was a challenge.

During this same four week period Max Aaron, Chloe Li and Joelle Lin had something in common in their lives without even knowing it.  They all received new choreography from me.  Many different coaches, skaters, and parents pointed out how much they liked the new programs and thought these programs had great potential for development. Hopefully they are right and the programs will be a success for these skaters.

I started to think about how upset I was during this time and how I must have used these programs as my own conduit to healing.  This process of focusing our energies on a creative task at hand is one we all can use in times of stress in our lives to help us along the arduous road to peace and understanding.

The session is over and the Zamboni is coming out.

Auf Wiedersehen

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