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The Perfect Edge

Developing and nurturing athletes is critical for any skater’s success. Taking skaters all the way through their career is one of the most rewarding aspects of choreographing and coaching these athletes.

– Phillip Mills

Joy and Artistry Regaining Center Stage

For the past few seasons, we have witnessed the evolution of figure skating as it continued its emphasis on jumping. But now, we are experiencing a backlash towards the artistic side by numerous skating icons and the ever-popular writer for our sport, Phil Hersch. Read On

Phillip Sensei
When the Student Becomes the Teacher
When the Student Becomes the Teacher_2.p

It was a chilly day in 2009. While choreographing and training skaters at Ice Castle International Arena in Lake Arrowhead, California, Misha Ge’s parents, Sasha and Larissa Ge, asked Phillip Mills to look at his step sequence and spins to check on their IJS levels. Misha was a young, junior-level skater full of energy and enthusiasm, which impressed Phillip from their very first lesson. Read on

Getting the Edge
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