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Wynne & Druar

Two-Time U.S National Champions


"Dear Phillip,


You have touched our lives in so many ways. We love you and are forever grateful for your friendship.


Love you always,


Susie and Joe"



Jill Trenary

World Champion 

Two-Time U.S. National Champion




Thanks for making skating so much fun. You're wonderful and I love working with you. Remember: 'Pizza Pizza Pizza'."


Love ya,


Jill Trenary



Urbanski & Marval

U.S. National Pair Champions


"Dear Phillip,


May our days ahead be filled with crystal and silver. Thank you for molding our clay!!"




Calla & Rocky


Roca & Adair

U.S. National Dance Champions

Skate America Champions

Skate Canada Champions


Renee Roca & Donald Adair were known for their seamless flow across the ice and amazing skating quality.


Andrew Gonzales

National Junior Men's Bronze Medalist


"In the eight years that Phillip and I have been working together he has never stopped pushing and motivating me to become the best skater possible. Phillip’s extensive knowledge and experience help guide each student to reach their short and long term goals. His wisdom allows me to develop confidence in myself and in my abilities. Phillip is able to find each skater’s best qualities and attributes and transform them to depict a story through choreography. Phillip is a great choreographer as well as a great person. I am honored to be such a long-term student."




Ina & Dungjen

U.S. National Pairs Champions 

Lillihamer  Olympics




You made many things possible for us including the first step on a long road! Thanks,"





"To Phillip,


Thank you! You made the 1st of many dreams possible!"









Sean Cavillo

National Collegiate Champion




This was the most exciting and outgoing program I've ever done. I couldn't have done it without you. We're a great team!"


With love,







Andrea Gardiner

Junior U.S. National Champion




Thanks for your love and support!"




Andrea Gardiner






Deanna Stellato

Junior Grand Prix Champion

Junior World Silver Medalist


"I loved all of my programs that Phillip choreographed. He has a unique and fun way of bringing out the best in you; he helped me get a perfect 6.0!" 


Deanna Stellato


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Phillip has worked closely with Deanna's coach Cindy Watson Caprel since 1988.


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