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The Elusive Double Axel

December 8, 2014

Every skater sits in wonder and reflection after they land that first double axel.  The painstaking hours of practice has been exhausting.  Falling down then falling down again until that magical time when it all comes together and the skater lands that first double axel. This is a pivotal moment in the development of any figure skater. The athlete has arrived finally joining the high-level ranks of competitive skating.


Although the week at 2014 Skate America was exhausting I reflect upon the world premiere of my two new ballets skated by Tatsuki Machida with a smile. I look upon this experience with a sense of gratitude to this great skater and his willingness to work with the mindset of a ballet dancer and the intensity of an athlete.  Being grateful is a necessary component of a humble artist for his work.  The respect I have for my foundation as a former ballet dancer has made this all possible.  Just like that double axel we know if we have done it once we can do it again with the right work ethic and attitude. 


The purity of classical ballet strips us down to a naked vulnerablitiy in front of the world.  This wonderful experience has shown me that if I continue to work with integrity and care with my skaters we can accomplish great things together.


Reflecting on Tatsuki's performances at Skate America I can see there is much room for growth.  These programs need to age and ripen like the finest wine one can savor.  The time is now for skaters to recharge their batteries so they can repeat the evasive double axel which they now own.  One will become two and two will become three and the skater will be off and running.


The session is over; the Zamboni is coming out.


Auf Wiedersehen




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April 9, 2018

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