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Excellence in Choreography: An Asset for the New Season

As we all prepare for this coming season new choreography, jumps, and spins are on our radar. The bar keeps raising on transitions and levels. Choreography can bring fresh ideas and increased points to your programs.

Your choreographer will present and develop subtle movements and positions of the arm, body and head. Practice them not only on the ice but in front of the mirror over and over again. It takes time to imbed subtle and powerful nuances into permanent highlights in your program. As ballet dancers, we spend hours scrutinizing our bodies in the mirror to try to reach the unattainable.... perfection!

Refining your new choreography takes an abundance of video to review your work. I always do this from a few different angles in the rink to see all sides of the movement and shapes.  This is a valuable source for reflection and improvement.  How is your extension and body lean?

Work with your ballet teacher or off-ice coach not only on the very necessary classical ballet technique but also reviewing your programs in a ballet studio or room with a wall of mirrors.  The mirror does not lie.

The session is over and the Zamboni is coming out!

Auf Wiedersehen

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