About Phillip



The Lore of Ice Castle Int'l Training Center
In 1995, Carlo Fassi and Carol Probst enticed Phillip Mills to move from the Skating Club of Wilmington, Delaware leaving his long-standing position there as the Director of Figure Skating. The allure of working side-by-side with Carlo again, as they had for many years in Colorado Springs and Italy, and collaborating with so many elite coaches and skaters, was just too strong. Phillip and Michelle Mills moved their family to Lake Arrowhead, CA to begin what would become a long love affair – a choreographer’s dream. Along with coaching and choreographing for numerous high-level figure skaters, Phillip was the Artistic Director of Ice Castle. He created 39 stellar shows during his many magical years there.



The Broadmoor 2016 - 2017
Phillip’s newest mission is to enhance the artistic purity for Tom Zakrajsek’s and Becky Calvin’s skaters.